Rotterdam Station

Rotterdam: The Manhattan of the Maas River

After the City of Rotterdam was completely flattened during the the War War II in 1940, and again in 1943, it took more than 70 years to rehabilitate the city. The work is not yet done but Rotterdam has recovered and it is now called the Manhattan of the Maas River with its well-designed, sustainable and avant garde buildings.

Much of Rotterdam’s rehabilitation and expansion is through the strategic use of land and reclamation along the Maas River and the North Sea. It also has 400 years of experience with flood management and reclamation.

Today, Rotterdam is one of most diversed and vibrant cities in The Netherlands and Europe. It is also home to the the Port of Rotterdam, the biggest in Europe, second in the world but most important in terms of volume and location. This year, it will also host the Eurovision Song Festival in Ahoy Arena.

Find out how Rotterdam rose from the ashes from this report, the second of my reclamation series from the Netherlands. (Please see also Netherlands: The Land of Reclamation)

Story/script/editing: JOFELLE TESORIO

Genibe Molabin/Rotterdam
Bong Hardillo/Rotterdam