Magic Pocket

A Pocket Full

My son’s pockets are always full and so his imagination.

When my 5-year old started elementary school (or basisschool in Dutch) last year, he was not too keen on making this big step into the ‘real world’. He had a very comfortable time in his previous playschool and loved his teachers there so much. He thinks he is still a baby and not ready to be with the big girls and boys. It took him a good five months to fully immerse himself in this new environment and began to have close friendships with a few kids in class.

After that five months, I began to notice that he had always something in his pockets. One day he had a piece of wrapper picked from the playground in school;  another day some small seeds from the trees. Some other days there would be little drawings with the name of his friend. Some days, there were none.

I took notice of his collection as it grew bigger by day and took photos of the nicer ones. When spring came, he had a beautiful flower in his jacket pocket and some green branches and colorful leaves. I also found tree barks, plenty of twigs (that he likes so much) and small seeds from a particular tree. He also managed to pick a pine cone and Castagne seeds! Some days, he would have small items given by friends in school or when someone had a birthday. When the items (like branches) didn’t fit in his pockets, he would put them on his bag.

My son’s pockets are always full and so his imagination. At home, he would carefully take his collection out and lay them on his play table. He would sometimes tell us where or how he got them. He would play endlessly with the found objects and create new uses. For the twigs and branches, he would plant them in pots in our little back garden, hoping they will grow. He has barred us from throwing his collection until he asks us to do so. Today, he had a two-meter twine on his pocket and told me they were playing with it in the playground and he decided to keep it.

Gold ribbon and spinner
More drawings
Drawings from classmates
Wood chips
Castagne seed
More nuts
Castagne seeds
One dry leaf
Plenty of twigs
Fresh twig
Another leaf
A pine cone!
Dry leaves
Another feather and a twig
A feather
Barks and seeds
Barks and seeds
Magic Pocket
Amazing to see what’s in a toddler’s pocket after coming from school

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